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Evidence Based Health Coaching

Chronic Disease Risk Reduction

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Full Circle Health Coaching LLC is a wellness solution offering a choice of evidence-based health coaching services. We specialize in diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and risk reduction in women of color. Our certified coach offers a program that is geared to improve our clients' lifestyles.

Maintain and Improve Your Health

We believe that exercise is medicine. This is why our program features activities that maintain and improve the body's health. Our services are geared toward providing women of color a gateway toward a healthier and disease resistant life. Join our beginner program today and change for the better!

Become a Part of Our Community

Deciding for an improved lifestyle is the first step to getting there. Call us at (404) 537-3719 to learn more about the services we offer or to book an appointment with our health coach. We look forward to having you as a part of our health community. Feel healthier and feel better about yourself.

The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in
the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease.
~Thomas Edison

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